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Morrison, Allyson

Baby Boomer (born 1943 to 1963)


Allyson Morrison was born in  Baltimore, MD.  Her mother was an elementary school teacher and counselor from Gloucester County, VA and her father was a high school principal from Baltimore, MD.


Allyson attended private schools during the elementary years and moved to Howard County, Maryland  when she was ten years old.  After the death of her mother, Allyson switched to the public school system for grades 7-12.


Allyson attended  Drexel University  and majored in  Nutrition Science, earning a Bachelor of Science degree.  She continued on at Drexel University, majoring in Biological Sciences, earning a Master of Sciences degree.


Allyson spent the greater part of her life involved in scientific pursuits. Her first job was working in the Dairy Lab at the United States Department of Agriculture. Since then, Allyson worked in a variety of labs, using the skills of both a biologist and a chemist. After graduate school, she worked in an infectious disease lab that was associated with the Veteran’s Administration and the University of Pennsylvania.  Allyson chose to stay at home while her children were young. When they entered school, she became active in the local Parent Teacher Association (PTA), serving as the PTA president in schools in two different states. Allyson went on to serve at the county-level PTA as a Cluster Coordinator and Area Vice President. When her children entered secondary school, Allyson returned to work. Her final job was as a reference assistant in a private environmental engineering library.


Allyson’s accomplishments have been private, always working in a supportive capacity. Allyson never stops learning.  Her hobbies are the fiber arts, principally knitting, and the jewelry arts, including metal fabrication. Allyson has also spent time tatting, making bobbin lace, spinning and weaving. She is a voracious reader.


Allyson is married and has two children and one half-sister.


Allyson passed away on July 12, 2021.


Morrison, Allyson

  • Oral History Summary

    Listen to Allyson Morrison's oral history podcast edpisode 


    Scientist, knitter. Researching and keeping family secrets.


    Allyson talks about her background as a scientist and how she knits patterns with binary numbers, tells how her Revolutionary War patriot was a slave owner, recounts her attempts to reach out to her white relatives who descended from the man who once owned her family members, and shares that she has kept her membership in the Daughters of the American Revolution a secret from her family for 18 years.


    Allyson Morrison's oral history was recorded on July 5, 2020.

  • DAR Service

    Membership State: Maryland

  • DAR Patriot Ancestor(s)

    Battle, Elisha: North Carolina

    European Descent Male

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